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Just Dev UK: Web Application / App Development services

If you are looking for a skilled, experienced and affordable Web Application / App Development company in UK then that's us, so why not contact Just Dev now to get the ball rolling. We have over two decades of professional design and development experience under our belts and we would love to learn more about your Web Application / App Development project and help you deliver it if you think Just Dev is a good fit for your business. Contact Just Dev.

Just Dev recently beat tough competition from other UK Web Application / App Development agencies to win awards in these categories:
  • "Best Web Design Agency"
  • "Best in Cloud Based Services"
  • "Best Web & Mobile App Development Company"
Some of the reasons we win awards and why you might like to consider adding Just Dev to your shortlist of UK Web Application / App Development companies:
  • Technical skills: the members of the Just Dev team have successfully completed many years of formal study and technical training in Web Application / App Development and continue to stay up to date with new developments and technologies.
  • One stop design and development service: our breadth of skills mean we offer an effective "one stop" solution to your development needs - this allows you to deal with one development company rather than trying to coordinate activity between multiple different development companies.
  • Experience: the Just Dev team have been providing Web Application / App Development services for over a decade so your project will be delivered by competent and experienced technical professionals that have delivered projects similar to yours many times previously.
  • Speed: we can resource your Web Application / App Development project with multiple designers and developers if your project timescale necessitates this. This means Just Dev deliver projects faster than many other Web Application / App Development specialists in UK.
  • Affordable Web Application / App Development costs: we run an efficient business and don't have city-centre premises to fund so our overheads are lower than many other Web Application / App Development companies and we pass these cost savings on to you making our services affordable and very cost-effective.
  • Ongoing Support: some Web Application / App Development agencies deliver, send their invoice and scarper. At Just Dev, if you want it, we are happy to provide Support for the systems and software we build so you are never left in the lurch.

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Introduction to Just Dev's Web Application and App Development Services

Welcome to Just Dev, the bespoke software development company with a knack for creating custom software applications that make waves in the digital realm! Our team of 15 full-stack developers specializes in web application development, mobile app development, and everything in between, helping businesses stay ahead of the curve. In the fast-paced world of modern business, we know that the right app can make or break a business. That's why we bring empathy to our app development services, speaking the language of entrepreneurs like yourself and tailoring solutions to your unique needs.

Our Web Application Development Process

When it comes to custom app development, the Just Dev team has got the process down to a science ... or maybe it's an art? Either way, here's how we roll:

- Understanding client requirements (you know, that thing called "empathy")
- Wireframing and UI/UX design that's easy on the eyes, and easier to use
- Agile software development methodologies (because change is the only constant, right?)
- Quality assurance and testing (bugs don't stand a chance)
- Deployment, app maintenance, and updates (just like software Santa, we keep on giving)

Web App Technologies and Frameworks

The technical side of app development can feel like alphabet soup, but don't worry - we've got some pretty impressive ingredients in our recipe:

- Front-end and back-end delish-makers like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Django, and more
- Mobile app development platforms (hello, Android and iOS!) and languages like Swift, Kotlin, and React Native
- Cross-platform development for that elusive "one-size-fits-all" app experience, and the wonders of progressive web apps (PWAs)
- Cloud-based applications and delectable RESTful APIs in our toolkit

Key Areas of Custom App Development Expertise

At Just Dev, we've got a finger on the pulse of various industries and their app development needs. Feast your eyes on our areas of expertise:

- E-commerce apps (move over, Amazon!)
- Social networking apps for the modern-day social butterflies
- Inventory and logistics management apps (because chaos can be tamed)
- Online booking and event management apps (sorry, old-school paper planners)
- Health and fitness apps (let's get physical! Virtually, of course)
- Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications (for the CEOs who want it all)
- Business process automation apps (because work smarter, not harder)

Why Choose Just Dev for Your Web Application and App Development Needs

You might be thinking, "Sure, Just Dev sounds cool, but why you?" Here are a few reasons why we're your go-to app development dream team:

- Our squad of 15 highly experienced developers is basically the Avengers, but for digital solutions
- We've delivered hundreds of projects since 2000 (the turn of the century was good to us)
- Bespoke software solutions as unique as the businesses we serve
- Empathy: we get business owners, and we've got your back
- A light-hearted approach that makes technical jargon less scary (see? you're already smiling)
- SEO-savvy web application development (your app will be the talk of the virtual town)
- Impressive portfolio and success stories (did you hear about that time we ...)
- Timely project delivery and post-development support (because our heroes never leave a partner in distress)

Get Started with Your Custom Web Application or App Development Project

Ready to bring your app idea to life? Look no further! Get in touch with the wizards at Just Dev for a free consultation, and let the magic begin. Give us a ring, shoot us an email, or send a carrier pigeon - either way, we're excited to collaborate and create something amazing together.